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Mechadyne's complete line of Roll Handling Equipment is engineered and built to the same high standards as our Roll Packaging Equipment…rugged…dependable…functional…. Choose the equipment type that fits your needs:

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 ±  Conveyors
No matter what size or weight your rolls, Mechadyne has a conveyor for your application - from general duty to industrial duty to mill duty for the most demanding applications. Styles include ejecting conveyors, swing conveyors, turn conveyors, and many more...
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 ±  Upenders
Engineered for dependable operation in demanding mill environments, Mechadyne's Upenders reduce the need for clamp or pole trucks during transitional operations by rotating rolls from horizontal to vertical, or from vertical to horizontal.
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 ±  Carts
Carts are engineered using field proven standards to meet customer specific applications. Cart operations include tilt, conveyor top, scale systems, cushion in, positive stop and lock and safety bumpers.
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 ±  Bumpers/Kickers/Stops
Sometimes, rolls need a little help to start rolling or to stop rolling. We offer both top pivot and bottom pivot bumpers and kickers to initiate roll movement or to cushion the roll to a stop. This helps maintain positive roll flow control.
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 ±   Turning Rollers
Many variations of turning rollers are offered based on two main themes to match most applications. Lifting/Turning rollers allow rolls to be lifted from a conveyor, wrapped and returned to the conveyor. Cushion/Ejecting Turning rollers accept rolling rolls gently into the wrapping pocket and eject them once they are wrapped. Each type of turning roller is manufactured in either general duty, industrial duty or mill duty to match your particular needs.
Turning Rollers
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 ±   Hold Down Systems
Mechadyne's Hold Down Systems are engineered to prevent small or lightweight rolls from being pulled out of the Turning Roller during the wrap cycle. Additionally, they can measure the diameter of each roll, providing information to the wrapping system for a consistent package.
Hold Down Systems
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 ±   Head Holder/Group Tighteners
Some customers use end discs to protect the ends of the rolls being wrapped. Some customers wrap packages that are made up of narrow slits. Mechadyne's Head Holder/Group Tighteners allow these scenarios to be accomplished with ease. This option will either hold the end discs in place during the wrap cycle and/or hold a group of narrow slits together during the wrap cycle so that they do not move apart while being wrapped.
Head Holder/Group Tighteners
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 ±   Shaft Extractors
Mechadyne Shaft Extractor-Inserters are built for demanding mill enviroments which require continuous operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using state-of the-art electronic controls, the shaft extraction-insertion function can be automated, reducing man-power and cost. These “best in class” Shaft Extractors include: • Hydraulic Scissors Lift for Height Control • Safety Skirt Around Scissors Lift • Electric Belt Drive for Extraction-Insertion • 5,000 lb Plus Weight Capacity • 200 Inch + Shaft Length Capacity • Interfaces with Mechadyne Core Storage Bins
Shaft Extractors
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